Friday, August 03, 2007

That's What She Said Friday

It’s That’s What She Said Friday! This week was a really tough one. I had two excellent choices; I went back and forth all morning over which selection would make cut. Eventually I came to the decision that you guys have been really good this week and deserve a special treat. It’s a That’s What She Said double feature!

The first one comes from my friend Pat. He’s an architect, but he also happens to be an AutoCAD specialist. I’ve seen his work, it’s stellar. As a result of being better at AutoCAD than everyone else he often gets annoying requests for help from his coworkers. Enjoy the following exchange:

Co-worker- "yo...can you save that rendering on the network for me?"
Pat - frustrated because this happens a lot "fine...tell me where to save it?"
Co-worker- with an equally frustrated tone back to me "i don’t care...just put it wherever you want..."


Pat - "that’s what she said..."

BSSC is the organization that runs the social sports leagues in Baltimore (you know, where my friends and I win all the championships, except for softball this year, I don’t want to talk about it). Matt works for BSSC on the side refereeing football and volleyball, and being an official for softball and kickball. During softball season his job is to set up the fields before the games and then walk around making sure no chaos ensues. This week he was installing the bases on a field (which are held in by metal stakes driven into the dirt) with Becca when this conversation took place:

Becca - Let me show you a trick.
Becca – You have to find the hole before you hammer it in.
Matt - ---snickering---
Matt - ……
Matt - ….

He didn’t say that’s what she said. Can you believe that? What a wasted opportunity. Matt, I don’t even know you anymore.


Matthew said...

Don't act like I didn't think it.

Sorry it's a hot girl who is big on rules and might not find the juvenile hilariousness of TWSS funny.

mike said...

TWSS is always funny. I have yet to meet somebody who doesn't at least chuckle.

JW said...

wait, someone ELSE is big on rules?

Jeamon said...

eric, a real treat to have two twss entries this week, although i must say i enjoyed the one about softball bases more than the computer network.

Los said...

Dude - you should've punched Matt in the vagina for not saying the quote. Awful display by Matt - I'm VERY disappointed!

Steph said...

lol, what a missed oppertunity!

Eric said...

Matt - If a girl doesn't find that hilarious is she even worth it?

Mike - Agreed.

JW - Yes, they're a match made in heaven, if she laughed at twss

jeamon - No one thinks the first one is funny apparently

los - I am as well, it hurt me inside to hear that