Saturday, August 25, 2007

Advice on love

Dear person who came my blog via the google search "Help I'm in Love With a Homeless Dude",

I can only assume you came here seeking council on matters of the heart, and let me tell you, you came to the right place. Not only am I an expert on love, I'm also an expert on homeless people. First off though I have to ask, why the despondent tone? You sound as if you feel this is some sort of forbidden love that should go unrequited simply because this person doesn't have a home, or job, or the ability to say no to drugs. I say that hogwash. The heart wants what the heart wants and you should never deny it that. But I would recommend going into this relationship with a slight sense of trepidation. Don't get caught up paying every time you guys go on a date. And sometimes insist on sleeping in the streets with this person. It's the only way to know they're in it for the right reason and not simply because you have food and shelter. You not in this for charity, you're in it for love. But in summation I say go for, tell this Homeless Dude about your feelings and enjoy the rewards.

You're Welcome



Jamy said...

Next time I need romantic advice, I'm coming to you.

Kim said...

You made it sound so good I almost wish I had a homeless person to love.

Anonymous said...

Cute post.

... and it's "seeking counsel."


Eric said...

Jamy - You would be wise to do so, I'm clearly awesome at this stuff.

Kim - There all over the place, and most likely available, I say hit the streets and make it happen.

Anonymous - Obviously what I meant was that this person was hoping I could form some sort of council to deliberate on his dilemna. Like the Vatican, or Nicea.