Friday, May 02, 2008

I'm Having A Shitty Day... seriously, a bird shit on me on my way to lunch today. I had to walk 10 minutes with a huge pigeon turd on my arm before I could wash it off. You're piling it on these days aren't you God, frankly it's just getting mean.

When did I turn into Charlie Brown? ARGH.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stop Being a Loser

Just for fun, lets see how many different ways spam can try and sell me penis enlargement drugs. To the gmail spam folder:

Get hung like no one else
We invite you to the world of happiness
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Causing an erection
Forget about your bad experience in love
Don’t let her leave discontented
Your new proportion will keep her satisfied
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Time for P5NIS Extension
Sublime measure can be achieved fast
Make your thing as big as life
Reach deeper into her
Stop being a loser
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And that's just going back to Monday. In case you were wondering "stop being a loser" is in fact my favorite. It's harder to argue with that.