Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This person is either the least observant person in the world or has the highest pain tolerance known to man. I'm imagining a conversation going something like this:

Group of motorcyclists pulls up to a stop light

Biker #1: Um dude, I just picked up half of your leg off of the road back there, you want it?

Biker #2: (bleeding profusely) What? Oh man. I don't know if you saw but I ran into that barrier a couple miles ago. I felt a little sting, but son of a bitch if my leg didn't fall off.

Biker #1: You want to maybe go to a hospital or something.

Biker #2: That might be a good idea. Passes out


David said...

Damn, no video? How do you miss something like that?

Rickey Henderson said...

That man has large, spikey balls.

Eric said...

Rickey Henderson? This is awesome. I'm honored.