Friday, August 31, 2007


I'm actually extremely busy at work today which is really rare. I have a ton of work to do before I leave at three for the weekend. You think that's stopping from posting That's What She Said Friday? Hell no. My dedication is unparalleled. Not my dedication to my job mind you, my dedication to you, the readeres. On with it:

Her's one from frequent contributers Kenny and Amanda:

Its game night with the work crew. Everyone is sitting there, relatively silent as one game changes to the next. Across from me is one Mr. Kim Robinson...he's trying to take a sip through a straw of his frozen daquari and he's just not having the success he wants.

Kim: Man, I can't get this up
Amanda (looks around to see who is within ear shot): That's what she said.
All: Laughter, snickering and some questions about "who is she?"

Also frequent contributor Mike added to his frequent contributions:

One of my fellow nerd poker players had these gourmet stuffed olives and offered me one, so I tried to get one out of the jar without sticking my whole hand in. I was basically using one finger and trying to roll one up the side of the jar. She saw my unsuccessful attempts at obtaining the olive and said "What are you doing? Use two fingers!" And well, you know what I said next otherwise I wouldn't be writing you this email.

I had a good one this week also! Here it goes:

Leslie: (trying on headbands) I wish this was a little tighter.
Me: That's what he said.

Boo ya. See how I switch that up on you guys. That's what he said is really advanced, only an expert like myself can pull something like that off.


Steph said...

You got me saying this shit now. Lol.

Los said...

Did I mention that I hum TWSS now? It gets a good reaction ...

Eric said...

Steph - Are you saying it's gone international? Finally I'm achieving my goals.

Los - Perhaps I'll have to work that in. That's what she said.