Thursday, December 07, 2006

Awww, Who Farted?

-I lack the overall comedic talent to express how truly hilarious this actually is, and I'm a little ashamed of that fact. I'm pretty sure she went with the "He who smelt it dealt it" defense before finally cracking under the pressure of FBI interrogators.

-Do you think Jim Hendry was hospitalized yesterday because he just realized he signed Ted Lilly to a $40 million contract. Paying a guy with a .500 career record and a 4.60 career ERA $10 mil. a year is enough to give anyone at least an anxiety attack or some sort of acid reflux.


Jake said...

That's a gas.

Los said...

Shame that Billy King wasn't a GM in every sport (or Isiaih Thomas, for that matter) - like taking candy from a baby.