Wednesday, November 22, 2006


One of my good friends from college, Hotmetal, was in town last night from Philly via San Diego. He’s home for Thanksgiving and decided to drive down for the night to hang out. He is, and I mean this in the kindest most an endearing way possible, and idiot. The good kind of idiot, if that makes any sense, but an idiot none the less. Which I am sure you could glean from the totally inexplicable nickname Hotmetal. Here is a typical sort of conversation you tend to have with Hotmetal:

Hotmetal: Let’s get a round of car bombs.
Me: No I’m good, it’s a Tuesday, I have to work early tomorrow.
Hotmetal: Just one.
Me: No really, I’m all right.
Hotmetal: C’mon how often do we get to hang out anymore? Just do one.
Me: Fine dammit.


Hotmetal: I bought these long island ice teas that I don’t really want, chug one.
Me: What makes you think I even want to drink that much less chug it?
Hotmetal: Just do it.
Me: No way.
Hotmetal: C’mon how often do we get to hang out anymore? Just chug it.
Me: Fine dammit.
Clearly I’m easily persuaded. Before you know it your whole “it’s a Tuesday I’ll just have a few beers” idea is shot and you’re in Chinatown at a karaoke bar at 2 in the morning singing “She’s Like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze (it doesn’t really matter what city you’re in, it’s always Chinatown). I say this as if I’m complaining but secretly I love it; but there is one fact I seem to neglect over and over again: at 26 I no longer have the ability to get absolutely shitfaced and close down a bar on Tuesday and wake up for work at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday. I mean, technically I can wake up, but I’m a total waste of life right now. At least I managed to change my clothes this morning, unlike last time I tried this one.


David said...

So, after all this you're coming here to deal with our family? Better get drunk again....I don't think there will be any karaoke, though...

Los said...

"She's Like the Wind?" Wow, you must've been smashed.

Leslie said...

Wow...I really am sorry I missed this.

Eric said...

David-I think the biggest dagger resulting from all the TSA bans on liquids is that I can't bring a flask with me on the flight home in "preperation" for spending four days with the family

Los-"She's Like the Wind" is one of the greatest karaoke performances of all time, one does not need to be terribly drunk to pull off that kind of awesomeness

Leslie-You should be, although this post is really just a generalization of what life is like around hotmetal. We didnt really sing karaoke last night. Walt's Inn only has it thurs.-sat.

Mike said...

It's just too bad there wasn't a dance floor invovled last nite. It's been too long since I've seen Hotmetal do the Hotmetal dance. Who buys 2 large pizzas in a 10 minute span at 1 am on a Tuesday?

iceguy said...

I'm aware of a couple of Karaoke lounges in the Baltimore area. They operate until 7 am, and if you'e smart, and smuggle in your own booze, you can drink until the sun comes up.

But let me just say, if you're going to an O's game the next day, don't drink Jack until 5:30. Sitting in the sun, sweating out a Jack-hangover is NOT fun.