Monday, November 06, 2006

Mission: Impossible

As I’m sure I have discussed before I have an ongoing bet with Matt and Jake as to whether I am capable of running a marathon in 3 ½ hours. Well this week marks the beginning of my 20 week training period in preparation for the marathon I hope to run in March. Since I like things to have titles and themes I’ve giving my marathon training a name; I’m calling it: Operation: F U Jake and Matt. I think it has a nice ring, don’t you? Here’s what is on tap for the week:

Monday – Easy 3 miles (60-90 seconds slower per mile than marathon pace)
Tuesday – 4 x 800m
Wednesday – Easy 4 miles
Thursday – 20 min. tempo run (15-30 seconds faster than marathon pace)
Friday – Rest (convenient timing on my part I think)
Saturday – Long 8 miles
Sunday – Cross Training

It’s a slow start but I anticipate a long and difficult road ahead. Luckily I have a secret weapon, hatred. Whenever I find that I don’t have the energy to run all I have to do is think of how insanely bad I want to dominate Matt and Jake to get me up off the couch. When I’m outside running and its 25 degrees in January I’ll have my searing, white hot, passionate anger to keep me warm. When I can’t possibly put one foot in front of the other all I have to do is think of Jake’s quote from a few weeks ago, “Eric, I’m 99.5% sure you can’t do it in under 3:30,” and I will be pushed forward for a few more miles. So thank you guys, there is no way I’ll ever pull this off without you’re astounding lack of support, and I appreciate you guys for that. I hate you guys and you suck and my desire to say F U Jake and Matt will propel me to great heights.

PS I’m setting the over/under date for my first serious injury at December 13th, any takers?

PPS I don’t really hate you guys, but you do in fact suck

PPPS There is no way using that many colons in one paragraph is grammatically correct


Los said...

I'm getting exhausted just reading this.

Good luck, man - 3 1/2 hours - that's a tall task.

Mike said...

Lance Armstrong just ran the NYC marathon in 2:59:36 (his goal was 3 hrs). If he can do it, I'm sure you can.

PS - I'll take the over (meaning you'll make it to the 14th without getting injured)

PPS - I think you could have done without the first colon.

Tony said...

Mack....if Lance can do it, you can....I know one thing for have more balls than that guy.

Jake said...

Dreams are made to be broken.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Lance article

Eric said...

Los-nothing I can't handle

Mike, Tony-I appreciate the comparison, clearly I am on par with a world class athlete

Jake-F U

Rachel said...

Tony's comment had me cracking up! I have used the negative energy of wanting to prove a point to someone to achieve my goals. Not the best way I am sure but hey, use what works.
I will put your injury 50 feet from the finish line of the marathon so that you can pogo hop to the end.

JW said...

I'm gonna put you injured by Thanksgiving. No offense, but that turkey's gonna get ya

Steph said...

If there is any justice you will kick their arses!!

Good luck.

iceguy said...

Steph, justice isn't on his side.

Eric makes it seem like my belief that he can't do this is rooted in some disdain for his cardiovascular activity. This is not the case.

I've known 3 people who have run marathons. One is Jake. Another is my boss. He was a college baseball player at Penn. He's 32, and all he's done since college is run. His best marathon time? 4:00:57. He has run three, and that's his best.

The other was another coworker. He was a college baseball player at UNC Asheville. He also played PG for his high school basketball team. After 20+ weeks of training, he was pumped to barely break 4 hours.

So I believe Eric can't do this because I've known people who've tried, and there's no reason for Eric to be more successful than them.

But by bragging that he can do this in 3:30 in his first try, he's saying he's better than ALL of these people. And it started with bragging. I didn't wake up one morning and say, "Hey, you know what I bet Eric can't do?"

I don't want you to get injured. I want you to train, run, and successfully complete the marathon. In 3:58.

And then admit it that it's not that easy.

Jake said...

I concur Iceguy. I am 99.5% sure Eric can run a marathon and 99.5% sure he can't do it in under 3:30. Lance said it best:

"I think I bit off more than I could chew, I thought the marathon would be easier," he said. "(My shins) started to hurt in the second half, especially the right one. I could barely walk up here, because the calves are completely knotted up."

He called the race "the hardest physical thing I have ever done" — even more grueling than his worst days on the Tour.

JW said...

Jake's comment concurs my theory that biking isn't a real sport.

David said...

I think you'll get hurt by Thanksgiving, which should give you plenty of time to recover.

I also don't think you can finish in 3:30, but good luck. The first time I run one, my goal will simply be to finish. Breaking 5 hours will be a bonus for my fat, out-of-shape ass.

You said March. Are you looking at the Shamrock on St. Patty's Day, because that would make a great first marathon for an Irish kid. I want to run that one, too.

Oh, and you can still run 8 miles? I questioned your desire to start speedwork right at the beginning, but if you can still run 8 miles.....

I quit running right after high school. I started again for about 2 or 3 weeks a couple of years ago, and even ran a race. I could barely run 8 miles in a week, and my 5K was like half an hour slower than the first one I ran in high school, and that was like 21:45......I haven't run since. So, I've logged about 20 miles in 10 years since high school.

Eric said...

Rachel - negative energy is a very strong motivator, especially for me, I like to use the dark side of the force

JW - I don't doubt that I'll be injured at some point, but I don't think the turkey will get me, you forget how little I eat of anything. Unless of course the trytophan gets me and I fall asleep in the middle of a run

Steph - Thanks I'll need it

Iceguy - there is a fundemental flaw in your logic, but I choose not to discuss it in the blog

Jake - I'll admit, Lance's quotes are a tad discouraging

David - Nice to know I can add my own brother onto the list of doubters. I don't think I'm going to run the Shamrock marathon, I'm going to be gambling that weekend. I'm running the national marathon in DC the week after that. I would say that up until 3 weeks ago when I started running regularly again I was on about a year and a half hiatus, so 8 miles will be a test, but according to the training my pace should be around a 8 1/2 minute miles, I'm improving at a much faster rate than even I expected so I don't think 8 should be to much of a problem.

David said...

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm doubting you; I just think it's a fairly monumental feat. Don't get me wrong, I hope you do it.

Needtsza said...

I'll take the over. (That's me mama's bd, don't ya know)

Keep training smart =)