Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Smack That

So last night I’m watching Sucka Free on MTV2, because I hate sucka’s so I can relate to that type of programming, when a video comes on by Akon f. Eminem. Akon rolls up to the club in his Lamborghini Gallardo. I’m expecting him to pop out alone, or perhaps with some sort of bodyguard or member of a posse or entourage, but oh no, he’s got someone else riding shotgun with him tonight. Who is it you ask? Well it’s none other than the black sheep of the Roberts family, Mr. Eric Roberts. What? I don’t get this. This is not the first video that he’s made a guest appearance in these last few months. Did I miss a memo or something; is Eric Roberts cool all of a sudden? I was always under the impression that he was, in fact, not cool. Don’t get me wrong, Best of the Best kicks ass but that was like 17 years ago. Now all of a sudden it’s cool to have him in hip hop videos. How did this happen? When you’re sitting around thinking up concepts for videos who was the first person that said, “Yeah, I like where this is going, but you know what we really need to push it over the top, Eric Roberts.” I mean I totally understand where ERob is coming from. It’s not like he has been cranking out the blockbusters over the years. Wait, so you’re saying all I have to do is drink some Crystal, objectify a few women and get paid, and I don’t even have to talk? Where do I sign? But what’s in it for the artist? I feel like I can think of hundreds of people I’d rather have in my music video. This is just another example of me having no clue what is cool or why.


Los said...

They still make music videos?

Mike said...

I think I can shed some light on this cuz I caught the beginning of the video a couple mornings ago. The story is that Akon is in jail and ERob is a cop or detective of some sort. ERob offers Akon 24 hours of freedom and a night with a women who is apparently an old flame of Akon and the one that he wants to "smack it 'til she gets sore" in exchange for information in a case that he is working on. I didn't see anything after the first 30 seconds of the video, but my guess is that ERob has to tag along to make sure that Akon doesn't go AWOL.

As for how ERob has been able to find a career in music videos or how an apparent convicted felon gets to drive a Lamborghini... I have no clue.

David said...

Your blog piqued my curiosity, so I did some research. It seems Mr. Roberts will appear in 5 movies and a mini-series set for release in 2007, so somehow, without anyone knowing, Eric Roberts is cool. Or cheap.

As for how he gets into a rap video? Maybe he knows the director.

I had to look twice, because I thought you said you saw a video on MTV, which of course is impossible. I saw, however, that it was in fact MTV2, which does still show 3 or 4 videos a week.

Rachel said...

I don't even know who Eric Roberts is. I am WAY out of touch apparently.

Eric said...

Los - apparently they do, I also thought is was just the ones on the Vh1 top 20 countdown but i guess there are others

Mike - Good to know the back story, now I know why Akon asks the girl to go back to his crib and "kick it like Tae-bo

David - I can't say I'm not pumped to have a little more Eric Roberts in my life

Rachel - ERob is Julia less talented brother, you probably shouldn't know who he is, I just watch to much TV