Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Journalism At its Finest

This morning I was sent this new story about a man who wrote an article called “Why I Hate Blacks.” It was written by a man named Kenneth Eng for AsianWeek, a San Francisco based paper. I was pretty shocked that a newspaper claiming to be “The Voice of Asian America” would publish an article that said “blacks are weak-willed” because “they are the only race that has been enslaved for 300 years.” Eng also claims that 90% of his daily encounters with black people are of the negative variety. Get serious here Ken, you’re telling me that on a more than daily basis you have an altercation with a black person. Once again, how does a publication claiming to speak for an entire race put out such hate filled, fact less vitriol? I decided to take a look at the Kenneth Eng archives and came across some really incredible stuff from the self proclaimed “God of the Universe” and “Asian Supremacist.” Let us take a look at this ridiculousness:

-In “Diary of an Attack” he talks about confronting a group of teenagers who hurled a racial epithet his way. I don’t want to dispute the contents of a story I know nothing about, and maybe it’s because I’m a reasonable non racist, but it seems strange that people are just shouting racial slurs at you for no reason at all. Also I in now way support that sort of activity but do you really think the appropriate response is to call the teenagers “conformist white whores” and challenge them to a fist fight? You’re really doing your part to change the world, end racism, and create equality by trying to fight anyone who calls you a name. Oh and the part about you being committed to a mental institution twice instead of your attackers being arrested, I’m not buying that.

-He rails against all of the people who don’t support him having “fistfights and verbal altercations with many who discriminated against me and my people” in “Why I Hate Asians.” Apparently those who don’t believe violence is the best way to fight discrimination are “sycophants” who “mindlessly side with whites and blacks.” He really doesn’t like Asian with British accents either because why would you want to emulate people who “don’t yet understand the concept of dental hygiene.” I thought that Asian people who had British accents had them because they were from England. I didn’t know it was common for Asian to feign this accent. Oh and it’s perfectly ok to use outdated stereotypes against British (see: white) people, but if you see an Asian stereotype portrayed in a movie theater the proper response is to” immediately stand up and shout incessantly at the screen so that none of the white audience members could enjoy the film.” This guy is a raving lunatic.

-“Why Non-Violent Protests Will Never Help Asians” is an article expressing his ideas that the only way to gain the respect of a “Caucosoid” is to beat the crap out of him and then lie to this police. Really this stuff should be taught in classrooms worldwide.

-The real winner of the bunch though is “Why Whites Inherently Hate Us.” In the article he gives six examples of racism. Some of which are just stupid, and a few which are unfortunate examples of true racism, none of which proves that all white people hate Asian people. Inherent means that it is an intrinsic characteristic of a person that is wholly inseparable from that person. So what you’re saying is that because two hillbillies weren’t acquitted of a murder 25 years ago I was born with a hatred of all Asians. I would beg to differ friend. And I would have to take umbrage with you calling the killing of six people righteous. I don’t know the events of that day and I’m would tend to believe that Chai Vang did in fact feel that his life was in danger at some point, but really what is righteous about shooting people multiple times in the back?

It is truly amazing to me that this guy is given a forum in a legitimate newspaper to spread his “opinions.” These are some of the most racist, uninformed, unintelligent things I’ve ever read. The basic gist of his principles are that the Asian race is superior and that Asian outnumber all other races so violent means should be used in order for Asian to take their rightful place in the world. He’s sort of just an Asian Nazi. He talks about his constant physical altercations, blaming them on racism, but really is he anything more than a raging psychotic seeking out fights so that he can prove he’s discriminated against? Seriously, you’re a gay Asian man living in San Francisco, if you’re facing discrimination, racism, and hatred everyday I would hate to see what would happen if you moved to another city.


Rachel said...

This person is as uninformed and uneducated about real race relations as he is accusing everyone else of being.
How can such an ignorant person write articles for a general circulation paper is beyond me.
I do however find it interesting that it took something about black people for this "writer's" tripe to come to the attention of the American public.
When he wrote about Asians and whites no one said anything. I know that whenever I read something against white people, I roll my eyes and move on.
I suppose that the wounds that black people carry are still fresh and deep.

JW said...

does he know kung fu? if not, I could totally take him in one of these altrications

Los said...

This guy seems like an nice upstanding citizen. What an absolute jerk.

Mike said...

You would think that if he really was a victim he would aim to stop the cycle of racism, not perpetuate it (assuming, apparently wrongly, that he is a reasonable person).

Honestly, I have to question whether or not some of these events really happened or if he is embellishing smaller incidents to write shocking columns. Then again, I'm just a conformist white whore, so what do I know.

Steph said...

He is a twat of biblical proportions. Nuff said.