Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I can't think of mine own ideas so I copy others

Here’s a long and boring account of me watching the Superbowl at a friends party:

5:26 – Aaron just arrived at the party.

5:27 – Aaron just got kicked out of the party. Matt apparently is pretty angry with him for lying about the circumstances of a bet he lost to Brent. I feel uncomfortable, and yet very intrigued about the direction this party is going already. Dave just sent me a text message (because everyone is scared to talk) saying “I can’t wait to read about this in your blog.”

5:34 – They just showed a cute video of the Manning brothers playing football in the backyard as children. Eli jacked up Peyton. More proof that Peyton Manning is a huge pussy.

5:38 – Dallas Clark warming up. I was making an observation, I meant to he is a small tight end. Instead I said he has a small, tight end. Awkward.

5:42 – Dan, Boomer, and Shannon are all picking the Colts. At least I think Shannon picked the Colts. He seems to be talking with his mouth full.

5:48 – Gloria Estefan and Cirque du Soliel? What in the hell is going on here? Are those referees humping giraffe? Performance art does not get me hyped for a football game. Where’s Hank Williams Jr. when you need him?

5:57 – The weirdest 9 minutes in Superbowl history just ended. Maybe scale back a little next year NFL. I know you’re world wide entity but you’re not infallible.

6:01 – I finally got rid of that piece of celery that’s been stuck in my teeth for the last hour! Now we’re ready for some football.

6:12 – Steve Tasker is the sideline reporter? I wish he still wore that awesome double helmet.

6:18 – Brief moment of silence for the tornado victims. Brent response to Lindsey admonishing him for still talking: “Where supposed to be quiet too, I thought it was just for the people there.”

6:19 – National Anthem. Official time: 1:31. For all of those who bet the under congratulations. And yes, you could bet the over/under on Billy Joel singing.

6:23 – The coin toss was heads. I win my first bet of the night. I like where this is going.

6:28 – Devin Hester returned the opening kick for a touchdown! I like where this is heading. Oh by the way Aaron was allowed to stay.

6:34 – The Colts just had 2 false starts then through an interception, which team is more nervous I wonder

6:56 – Bud Light comes through with the rock, paper, scissors commercial. They always bring it.

6:39 – I know it’s been beaten to death already but I really feel it’s a sad day for football when Rex Grossman is the starting quarterback in the Super Bowl.

6:42 – Don’t they have the Super Bowl in warm climates to avoid things like down pours effecting play?

6:48 – I’m know coach, but I think that if the Bears want to win this game they may want to start by actually covering Reggie Wayne.

6:50 – Bud Light you let me down with that auctioneer commercial. 1 for 2.

6:51 – Bears lose a fumble and the Colts lose another one right back to them. This is the Super Bowl right?

6:56 – A trailer for the movie Pride just aired, Dave say, “What is this, Stomp the Pool?”

7:00 – Bud Light is now 1 for 3 and losing to Sierra Mist. Is there really anyone who thinks Carlos Mencia is funny?

7:03 – Aaron Moorehead just dropped a pass, which is unfortunate because they zoomed in on his face, which is pretty scary. He’s Reche Caldwelllike.

7:05 – Another fumble.

7:11 – Tony Dungy just got wrecked on the sidelines by Mohamed and his facial expression still didn’t change.

7:12 – Hey there’s David Spade in a plastic poncho. Has he been huffing paint thinner?

7:22 – Manning looks so shaky anytime he gets the slightest amount of pressure. Once again, huge pussy.

7:26 – Is that a hint of Manning Face I detect on the bench. Bill Simmons just marked that in his notes.

7:30 - I’m starting to get tired of taking notes.

7:34 – That looked pretty easy. The Colts and Manning are starting to get it together. Meanwhile has said “botched snap” several times. Who doesn’t love that phrase?

7:45 – It’s the 2 minute warning and Peyton is eating up the Bears. Are there 2 bigger reality shows whores than Rob and Amber? Get a real job.

7:50 – Colts fumble. Aaaaaand the Bears give it right back.

7:53 – Did you guys that this is the first time a black head coach led a team to the Super Bowl and there are 2 of them? And it’s Black History Month?

7:56 – That is one of the most bizarre halves of football I ever seen. I can’t keep this up. Enjoy Prince!

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Dave said...

also money--the slapping commercial. remind me to hit you in the face next time i see you.