Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dolla, Dolla coins y'all

The government is throwing another dollar coin initiative at us. They’re really trying to shove these things done our throats huh. Most people seem against the idea, although I’m sure if they took the paper money out of circulation eventually no one would even notice or care. I’m mainly indifferent to the issue except for two things. First, I have change falling out of my pockets constantly. Which is fine when I dropping 12 cents, but I’m going to get upset when it’s $5. Second, you know how awesome it is when you reach into the pocket of a pair of pants you wore two weeks ago and pull out a wad of cash? That probably won’t happen very often with dollar coins. No one leaves change in their pockets, it all goes into the change jar that you know everyone has.

I do like how the mint is going to issue a new quarter every three months commemorating a new president. I think that is a great strategy. That way they have to stick to the plan for at least 11 years or nerds will be in a total uproar about not being able to have a complete set of presidential dollars, and by the time it rolls around to the most current president there is a great chance that it’s an accepted form of money. Although you’re collection of state quarters only adds up to $12.50. Will people really want to take $50 of their own money out of circulation just so they can hang on to their Franklin Pierce dollar? And imagine what a hot commodity that Millard Fillmore dollar is going to be when it comes out.

Here is a downside of coins taking over for paper money: this could be a major detriment to the world of exotic dancing. Which would a patron rather carry around, a crisp stack of ones or a big sack of coins? And just imagine what strippers would have to endure. I’m certain they would much prefer a few bucks slipped into a garter as opposed to being pelted by weighty dollar coins. Plus it seems like something that would be a pretty big tripping hazard on stage. So I think we should be against this change, for the good of the stripper.


Rachel said...

Canada has a $1 coin called a Loonie (nicknamed such for the Loon on it) and a $2 coin called Toonie.
They seem to have adapted. I think we could too.
Think of how much money you would have when you took your change jar to Coinstar!
I am sure that the strippers will think of something.

Carrie M said...

when i lived in england, i LOVED the 1 pound coins. having a pocketful of change could equal $20. on the downside, i would spend it a lot quicker too b/c it was only 'change'.

the strippers can incorporate it into their acts somehow...probably in some frightful way, but hey.

Mike said...

I'm thinking you could buy tickets for one dollar and put those in the garters, then the strippers could cash them in. It's a couple extra steps, but it solves the problem.

Los said...

It seems to work in every other country, but not the US for some reason. Geez, in Germany back before the Euro, they had coins all the way up to 10 marks.