Friday, September 15, 2006

This Racism is Killing Me Inside

· Survivor: Racist started last night and I’m pretty excited about it. This is shaping up to be a great season. I love Survivor, and I love stereotypes so this is right up my alley. Every season a few characters emerge and become the “main characters” or stars of the show. This season is being no exception so far. The teams are broken up into 4 different ethnic groups and it seems as though one person surfaced from each group. What cracks me up is that it doesn’t seem like any of these people represent the majority of there culture in anyway. First off the dominating personality in the Hispanic tribe is a big fat, heavy metal musician. Not exactly what I first think of when I think Latino. Then there’s the hippy Asian guy, he even said himself that he’s not really accepted by other Asian folk. The lead black got bounced already so a new personality will have to emerge from that group. Then there are my people. They actually seem to perpetuate stereotypes. I’m just a little disappointed that the one who seemed to take the leadership role and got the most camera time was such a douche. He stole a chicken from the other tribe and he kind of just came of like an overall ahole. He probably wouldn’t have been my first choice if I were in charge of picking people to represent my race is all I’m saying.

· Why do people feel the need to run and jump on an elevator when the doors are closing? This really pisses me off. Our building is only 19 floors, we have 9 elevators. Do you really have to jam yourself through a 13” gap in the doors to get on my elevator? This is annoying in a couple of ways. The first being that I work on one of the top floors so it’s another floor I have to at stop at which sucks. The second being that the doors have sensors on them so when you do your little superhero act and dive in, the doors sit open for another minute so 50 more people can get on. Mainly though it’s just the principle of how infuriating it is. What’s even worse are the people already the elevator who freak out and jam there arm in between the closing doors trying to save the world because they thought they might have heard someone coming a mile away. Let them get the next elevator so I don’t have to murder you for sucking at life.

· The defense of our BSSC football championship starts tomorrow and I couldn’t be more pumped.

· Hitting up NYC this weekend, the highlight of the trip being a Yankees-Red Sox game Sunday night. It would be pretty cool if the standings were a little tighter and the game meant more, but it’s still awesome. Plus if everything works out the Yankees might be able to clinch Sunday and I can’t think of anything better than doing against the Sox in New York.


JW said...


Los said...

I think I may have watched a few episodes of the first season of Survivor, and that's about it.

Can't agree with you more about the elevators - ridiculous. I love the people that take the elevator to go from floor 1 to floor 2.

Brian said...

you didnt even mention the part about the others on the sixth floor.

Mike said...

I've witnessed people taking elevators from the 2nd floor to the 1st.

Eric said...

Brian brings up something else that is easily the most annoying thing ever, but thats a whole other post in itself

using the elevator to take 1 floor might be the laziest thing ever

i also may have just used the most hyperbole ever

Morgan said...

"Meanwhile, in the water, the white people's raft began to fall apart, and for a moment, it looked like Hiki was closing the gap. But alas, they were still quite far behind. Aitu and Puka arrived at the puzzle station at nearly the same time, and sure enough, the Asians rocked this section and moved ahead. For those of you keeping score, what we've learned so far is that Latinos are great at building rafts, Asians are great at puzzles, black people suck at water stuff, and white people steal from minorities. Yay!"
-quote from the recap of Survivor

Eric said...

Morgan - that paragraph alone totally sums up why this season of Survivor: Racist is so awesome

mollymcmommy said...

i'm cheering for the asians, even though i'm a whitey i think the asians will kick ass!