Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Like Anyone Cares About My Opinion

I ride to work each morning with my roommate and usually his girlfriend (actually I guess it’s just my roommates now that she has moved in). I’m eternally grateful for the free ride since I’ve been having a little car trouble for the last say 2 years, but there is one downside to this. Occasionally I am subjected to music that some might say is questionable, and I might say sucks. I don’t complain because what kind of douche bag gets a free ride then complains about the music the driver is listening to, also I don’t really care, I’m not a music snob so whatever people are into is fine with me, I listen to a lot of music that a lot of other people would hate so who am I to talk. This morning I got to check out something extra special though, so with out further ado here is my very short, very unintelligent review of Clay Aiken’s new album A Thousand Different Ways:

It sucked. I don’t know how many songs were on the album but it breaks down to about half new songs and half covers. The new songs were all just really cheesy, dreadful ballads. Clay Aiken makes Nick Lachey seem like Elton John. Then there are the covers. He covers the likes of Richard Marx, Mr. Mister, Bryan Adams and more. At least these are a little better because they weren’t written by whoever writes Clay Aiken’s music. They aren’t exactly classics but I think a lot of people enjoy these songs. It sort of comes off as if he is taking some 80’s pop songs and gaying them up a little bit for the Clayniacs. And by a little bit I mean a lot. I’m not suggesting the he is or isn’t gay, and it doesn’t matter to me either way, but there is something wispy and ethereal about Aiken’s voice along with a forced power and the production so overly perfect, clean and obsessive compulsive that the whole thing just comes off as incredibly gay. Basically Clay is a male Celine Dion, only Dion is way more manly than Aiken and could probably kick his ass.

All in all I highly recommend purchasing this album. But not to listen to, I think you should buy it so that you can throw it away and prevent someone else from having to hear it.

p.s. this is just my opinion, if you like Clay Aiken more power to you, clearly, I don’t. I wanted Carmen Rasmusen to win.

p.p.s. Wendy, even though it’s almost next weekend I’ll still put up a summary of last weekend for since I know how badly you want to read it.


Mike said...

Clay Aiken might not be the worst singer to ever some out of A.I., but all things considered he is the worst thing to come out of that show. By the way, I probably would have shot myself by now having to ride in that car, not because of anything personal against your roommates, but because I HATE 99% of country music.

Like you said, though if people like it, they like it, I'm not hating on the listeners.

If its too far from last weekend and not this weekend yet, when is now?

JW said...

I was just reading the comment Mike posted, and decided that I had to post because of the word verification I got...ckgdv

I like it.

Eric, you're such a ckgdv


Mike, you just missed now.

Mike said...

ckgdv? Are you serious with that? There aren't even any vowels! I almost feel bad that I mentioned novoyk now, but at least you can pronounce that. Thanks for trying to get in on my joke and ruining it. That was very novoyk of you.

... and now is now, right now.

Los said...

I agree - Clay Aiken is horrible. I don't watch American Idol, and am totally against it. My reasoning is that why do we have to be subjected to listening to glorified wedding singers who can't write their own music?

However, you mention Elton John. There was a time when he was great - but I'm not sure he's released anything even close to worthwhile since the mid 1980's (and the song Nikita is even questionable at this point). His songs for the Disney movies make me puke. Just thought I'd share.

Eric said...

Mike - agreed

JW - Really? Just stop.

Los - I agree, I was trying to think of someone who has many good ballads for the sake of the analogy. I think I failed

Mike said...

Should have gone with the Righteous Brothers. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin, Unchained Melody, (You're My) Soul and Inspiration. Those are some ballads

Morgan said...

Like Anyone Cares About MY Opinion
But. . .
Clay Aiken fans are not Clayniacs, we are Claymates! You must be thinking of Caniacs, which are Carolina Hurricanes fans.
Clay Aiken also does not suck. He is very talented and a wonderful human being. He maybe just really likes 80’s music and after coming out with a fantastic first album, he just wanted to sing some songs he already likes. How can you of all people despise someone with such a deep appreciation for 80’s ballads?

PS: I’m not Brian’s girlfriend anymore. You make it sound like we are living in sin!

Eric said...

I love it when Morgan gets all fired up. Also, you've never met Clay Aiken and probably never will so you can't say he's a wonderful person, he comes off as a nice guy but he could kick puppies for fun for all we know. And just because one can sing doesn't mean their music is good. His music is in fact horrible. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

Mike said...

It also sounded like Eric was saying that Clay took decent 80's songs and made them less decent or bad. I can see how a fan of 80's music wouldn't appreciate that. And don't get me started on the Carolina Hurricanes (again, nothing personal, in fact if you like them then I'm glad to find out that I'm not the only hockey fan left, but they did take away something that was a significant part of my childhood).

Go Whale!

Morgan said...

I've come very close to meeting him thankyouverymuch. He practically sang to me at a Hurricanes game one time and I worked with a girl who knew him in high school. And Jennifer worked at the same YMCA that he did just at different times, and I have one of her t-shirts that I bet he has the same one.


Steph said...

I didn't even know who Clay was, I had to google him.
Nobody down here's heard of him.
Maybe that's a good thing.

mollymcmommy said...

i don't like celine she is such a beeatch, there is also something that is so gross about her relationship with her husband.

not the age difference, people who have an age difference is fine.

the fact he KNEW her as a child while he was a married adult is wrong.

anyway i don't doubt the diva bitch could kick clays ass.


Eric said...

Mike-thats exactly what i was saying, but morgan is right, maybe if a few of you aholes went to a few more games the whalers wouldnt have left

morgan-knowing someone who knew someone doesnt mean you know someone

steph-you're probably better off

molly-you're definitely right about that one, it's like if a girl married her dads childhood friend, its just creepy

Mike said...

Now that I'm done crying...

You guys are sorta right. Attendance is better in Carolina, but only cuz the arena is much bigger (the real reason they moved was cuz the broke ass city of Hartford wouldn't build a new home for them, not lack of support).

And there are 2 different ownership groups trying to bring back the Whalers. The rumor is they would buy either the Florida Panthers or Pittsburgh Penguins and move them to Hartford.

Tara said...

I'd have to agree with you on the Clay thing. I think he sucks.

JW said...

It's Friday, officially the start of the weekend. No post about NYC and no pics to go with it. You disappoint me Eric. I'll be crying in a corner eating dunkin doughnuts if anyone needs me.

Jessy said...

all this from a guy who listens to kelly clarkson when he plays beer pong...

Eric said...

listen lady, stay on topic here, first of all, kelly clarkson is way awesomer than Clay Aiken, and second of all you loved listening to clarkson while playing pong