Friday, September 01, 2006


Sometimes your life is exciting. Your days are filled with a plethora of fun and stimulating activities. You’re always on the go, it can be exhausting, but you don’t really care, because you’re consistently having a great time. Then you have weeks like this one, where you’re so mind numbingly bored most of the time you don’t know what to do with yourself. And this is coming from one of the biggest homebodies you’ll ever know. I never have a problem spending a night at the house watching a movie or something equally lifeless. This week though exceeded even my staggering capacity for boredom.

Here are the highlights:

Woke up at 7, went to work from 8:30 – 6:00, and then went over a friend’s house for a Fantasy Football draft. This was probably the most exciting part of my week. Before you start thinking that this is incredibly sad and banal because fantasy sports are for nerds just wait, it gets worse. I wasn’t actually participating in this draft; I just went to watch my friends do this because I had nothing better to occupy my time.

Work, home, online poker for and hour or two. Fell asleep around 10 p.m. Why? Because why not.

Work, home for another fantasy football draft. This time I actual was in this one, so it’s only slightly less lame.

Work, home to watch the VMAs. Revise an earlier statement; this is now the most exciting part of my week. Was every celebrity appearing on the show at the bar 4 hours beforehand getting completely plastered, because this is a disaster. And how old is John Norris, seriously, can he really be the best guy to tell 14 year olds what to think is cool. MTV is losing it. Why not bring back Kurt Loder while you’re at it.

That’s my week thus far, about as boring as it get. I forget to mention I somehow managed to watch about 7 episode of Big Brother in that timeframe, and I don’t even like that show. Chilltown you are so devious.

Now I know what you’re thinking:

You: But Eric it’s the work week it’s supposed to be boring and this is a holiday weekend so I’m sure you have something super exciting on tap.
Me: Actually me and few friends are heading down to Virginia Beach.
You: Awesome, that sounds like a kick ass time.
Me: Wow you talk an awful lot like I do.
You: Well that’s because you’re projecting your voice on to a fictional character. It’s a pretty weak literally device to try and make a point and take a stab at humor.
Me: It is a bit cliché isn’t it.
You: Yep, it’s very reminiscent of a few popular authors’ styles. In fact if this weren’t a totally meaningless blog that no one reads anyways you might be accused of plagiarism.
Me: Ummmmm….
You: Anywho, Virginia Beach, that sounds fun.
Me: Oh yeah, except for one slight problem, my chosen vacation destination for Labor Day weekend is currently being pounded by a hurricane. In fact the current forecast is a 100% chance of strong thunderstorms. So unless things clear up fast it’s shaping up to be even more boring than my week. A whole lot of drinking inside and playing Jenga or something equally lame while watching the rain.
You: That sucks.
Me: Tell me about it.

Sometimes my mind wanders when I’m bored.


Jake said...

Further evidence Eric will never own my house and I will never try out for the Blast. I rest my case, your Honor.

Eric said...

I'm failing to see the connection.

iceguy said...

It's your most boring week of the last 5 years, and you ran how many times?

Mike said...

I wouldn't worry about plagerism, I just wrote a post that could probably be held against me in court

Eric said...

Keep it up Iceguy, youre asking to be dominated

Jake said...

Iceguy sees the connection.

Eric said...

Also who says I didn't run. This post is already boring enough, why would I make it even worse by regaling you with stories of me jogging 3 miles