Friday, September 22, 2006

Knocking Down Walls

Tonight I did something unprecedented in my world. I’m sure to most people it is a fairly common occurrence and not weird at all but for some reason it is totally foreign to me. Not only have I never done this before but the possibility of ever doing it never crossed my mind. That’s right folks; I used the grocery store bathroom. I have absolutely no idea why the thought of peeing in the supermarket seems so strange to me but it always has. I can remember many an instance where I was bursting at the seams, I think you could see my bladder through my shirt, and yet the thought never arose that I could just use the restroom there. Well no more, I’m breaking down barriers in my life, and I started tonight by urinating in at Giant. In case you were wonder the muzak playing during this momentous event was Sting, Desert Rose. Sting from now on always have a special place in my heart.


iceguy said...

A desert rose (edhehhhe eee edeh...)

I haven't peed in the grocery store since I was 5. But I distinctly remember it being strangely pleasant.

Although, I suppose that's likely. I would only be being in a grocery store if I really needed to go, and it makes sense that I would feel better afterwards.

My "word verification" reminds me of that Snarf from Thundercats.


JW said...

I know a guy who went all the way to BWI to pee once.

Mike said...

I also used grocery store bathrooms as a kid. My mom used to take forever in the store and when kids have to go they have to go now. Can't image a circumstance where I would use one now.

Although I am the person referenced as going to BWI but that had very little if anything to do with urination. My only other choices involved a fast food restaurant bathroom or the bathroom at JDs and since I was passing BWI anyway I figured it was the least of the evils.

Brian said...

te bathroom at giant is nice. i have used it before and was glad you experienced it.

Los said...

Why would there need to be a muzak version of Sting's more recent songs - aren't they soft enough already?

Jake said...

I used to work at a grocery store for 4 years. During my time I worked my way up the ladder from bagger to stocker to cashier to donut delivery driver to front office clerk. I worked a lot and therefore had to use my fair share of the bathroom there, dueces not excluded. All I can say is it's hard to breathe if you go in after one of the guys from the meat department has been in there.

Eric said...

iceguy-looking back wasnt both thundercats and he-man super gay shows, its pretty funny

jw-when you gotta go you gotta go

mike-i can imagine a circumstance, it involves drinking several beers in a very short period of time then going to the grocery store

brian-im also glad

los-it couldve been the regular version and i was just to mesmerized by peeing in the grocery store to know the difference

jake-it seems strange to me that donut delivery driver is that high in hierarchy of grocery store position, a grocery store has hundreds of products to sell and delivering just one of those is more important than the cashier. that doesnt seem right

Jake said...

It's all about supply/demand and responsibility. The grocery store had 20 some cashiers and only one or two delivery guys. As a cashier, you're constantly standing in the same place for hours on end listening to the UPC beep over and over again while throwing in an occasional monotone "Hello, how are you? Do you have a gold card?... Thank you, have a nice day/evening." You're told when you can/cannot take breaks and are constantly under direct supervision. As the delivery guy, you feel like you just turned 16 all over again and have free reign to do things as you please. Plus you could get tips as the delivery guy, who tips cashiers?