Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I grew up at the beach. Until I went to college I had never lived more than ten miles from the beach (with the exception of the year or two I lived in Fayetteville, NC but I was to young to remember that.) One summer after college I went to the beach literally everyday for almost 4 months straight. I'm not trying to brag or imply anything by this, I'm merely try to point out that I have spent a considerable amount of time at the beach, much more than most people I would think. So that would lead you to believe that I've got this whole sunblock thing down right? Wrong. I forgot to very important rules while visiting Virginia Beach this weekend. Those being:

1. When at the beach for over 9 hours, reapply sunscreen multiple times.
2. Don't fall asleep, you're just asking for trouble.

Actual rule number two should be ammended, because I actually love falling asleep on the beach, it's extremely relaxing. It should say don't fall asleep on your stomach after coming out of the water and washing away all the sunscreen then stay asleep while all your friends go to get lunch and you stay behind because you're not hungry because when they're gone for two hours you lose track of time and get super sunburned on your back. That doesn't sound as good, I think it's a run-on sentence. Anyway, to my credit I only got sunburned on my back, and face, and I applied sunscreen twice so it isn't the worst burn ever. Not to my credit, it's easily the dumbest looking sunburn in history. Since I fell asleep with my head facing left I only have a burn on the left side of my face, it looks like someone smacked my in the face with a ham. My back is worse. When you don't use suncreen you get a horrible sunburn but at least you get full coverage so you're all the same color. I have the "you obviously attempted to protect yourself but you clearly missed a few spots so now you look like all splotchy and weird" burn. I have all the streaks and lines going everywhere. It looks like a rorshach test. Only instead of black and white it's red and pasty.


JW said...

I thought you'd be used to getting smacked in the face w/ meaty objects by now.

Mike said...

This isn't so much a comment on your post, but it reminded me about the worst sunburn I ever had. When I was a kid and was at a water park on a cloudy day I thought that since it was cloudy I didn't need sunscreen. I was wrong. (2nd worst burn was the first day in OC after college)

Eric said...

jw - congratulations JW for making the most obvious joke possible

mike - i remember the OC sunburn, that was not pretty