Friday, November 02, 2007

That's What She Said Friday!

NaBloPoMo is going to be totally easy. There are 5 Friday's in November. Almost 17% of the month's posts will be That's What She Said Fridays. This will be a cake walk. Although I don't think I've ever posted anything on a weekend, so that might cause a problem. Anyway, on with it:

Everytime Leslie puts on any type of perfume she thinks it's funny to spray me with it also. She did it again this morning leading to this exchange:

Me: You always squirt me with that stuff.
Leslie: That's what she said.


brian d. said...

E Mack-

Nice work. I wanted to e-mail you this but forgot. Joanna and I were out at an Italian restaurant in Philly last weekend. Both our orders came with a side of pasta (naturally). I wanted penne and Joanna said, "Penne? I like my noodles long." Of course, I had to drop a TWSS. That joke never gets old. Good luck with the NaMoBloPo (or whatever the hell it is).

mike said...

I definitely enjoy the trend of increasing implied vulgarity of the last 2 TWSSFs. Nice work

Steph said...

Haaaaaaaaha! she got ya.