Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is the scene at Regi's yesterday (a restaurant on Light St. a very short walk from my house):

Leslie and I attempted to have lunch there a few weeks ago and they extremely rude and not at all helpful. Eventually we just left after waiting for a table in a half empty restaurant for about 20 minutes. I was pretty annoyed and probably wouldn't have eaten there as a result of there rudeness, but I also didn't really think they deserved a Honda Accord in front of the place. Leslie on the other hand had this to say: "those jerks. they had it coming." She's the best.


jessy said...

hahah yesss. i think she's right.
and don't even pretend like you didn't wish that would happen on the patio shifts at the dubliner.

honeykbee said...

Ahhh, kharma.

I'm not sure which is more priceless, the guy with his hands in his hair, the "no stopping" sign, or the car through the patio. Awesome!

Eric said...

Jessy - You're absolutely right I couldn't think of anything better than if I was working P1 at the Dub and it was like 1 the morning and a car came barrelling onto the patio.

honey - The best part about that is the guy with his hands on his head is the owner of the restaurant and the actual person who was the most rude to us. He was a dick.

jessy said...

hahah ok i just looked at this again and i'm laughing out loud thinkng about the scene it would be like on the dub patio, with gavin half drunk, all upset, and i'd probably be yelling at joel for something all while staring at the car. sometimes, i miss that place.

Steph said...

Karma be a harsh mistress.

Eric said...

Don't forget that I would be bitching about something because I hated my life most of the time I was there.