Monday, May 07, 2007

I have two orders of business to take care of in this post. One markedly more serious than the other. So why put them in the same post? Because that's how I roll.

In March my friend Wendy's niece Cora was diagnosed with a Wilm's tumor. Wendy and a few other people are running marathons as a way to raise money, which will be donated to the children's hospital in which she is being treated. Check out the page Wendy set up for more details. Anything would help so I'm thanking you in advance. Plus lets be honest, you know you'd get a good feeling donating money for kids with cancer, its a win win. Do it.

On a lighter note check this out. Vote for Alexis, she's good people. Ok, I haven't actually met her, but her best friend is a good friend of mine and she good people, making Alexis good people by association. Plus if she wins I will obviously take credit as a result of all the votes pouring in from my blog and I can't see any scenario where that would be bad for me.


Los said...

I briefly dated a model once ... one of the highlights in my life.

JW said...

thanks guy

Eric said...

Los that certainly is a feather in the cap.