Tuesday, April 03, 2007

News and Notes

- I’d like to apologize person who Googled “NASCAR can’t be turned into a walk in the park” and was referred to my blog first. Obviously this was not what you were looking for. I not a big NASCAR fan (and by not a big fan I mean I think its boring and dumb) but if you like you can email me and I’d be happy to throw up a 1,000 word post on the state of NASCAR and someone’s conspiracy to make it easy. Or whatever.

- Baseball season is finally underway and I couldn’t be more pumped. The Yankees won in a sloppy come from behind win against the Devil Rays. Carl Pavano did nothing to make me hate him less and the defense was atrocious but at least ARod factored prominently in a comeback (and even got a curtain call), and the bullpen pitched really well (3 hits, no walks, 5 Ks in 4.2 IP). Those are encouraging signs. I think I’m just going to have to except the fact that I’m going to be watching a lot of four and a half hour games this year. This come to think of it is pretty standard for the Yankees over the years.

- Another Yankees not: Bernie Williams once again showed the class and dignity that made him the heart and soul of so many championship teams. I f’ing love that guy, and I got tickets to Bernie Williams day at the stadium I’d probably get pretty emotional. If you read the article check out the comments section and try and figure out which ones mean, I couldn’t not chime in and I couldn’t not be a dick about it. That’s how I roll.

- I don’t really know what I irony is but I think kicking the shit out of someone being the catalyst for getting you released from prison might be somewhat ironic.

- Of course only in jersey is this something that needs to be debated on.

- The Bush administration completely disregarded environmental regulations. Get right out of town.

- Does anyone have $150K I can borrow? I need this.

- This one is thrown in here specifically for Mike. If you know him you know he’ll likely be masturbating to this story this evening.


Mike said...

That last little note is kind of graphic. I'm weird, but not that weird.

Los said...

I absolutely despise NASCAR ... and country music as well.

Eric said...

I don't, you do love trains.