Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Global Warming

This morning at work I received an email with a website where you could sponsor a tree for a dollar as a way to fight global climate change. Seems like a good idea, and I'm all for the whole green initiative, but I'm also very lazy so I just skimmed it and then deleted it. A few hours later I got another email in response to the first email. Apparently some one is very against this idea and wanted his voice to be heard. He reply simply stated, "no, global warming is a scam." The only problem is he accidently hit reply all, and sent this to several thousand people in the company. I think he will be seeing someone in their office later this afternoon.


The situation has deteriorated in to reply all mess. There is a debate on global warming raging. Also there are quite a few people requesting to take their names of of the list. Hey jackass, there are like 20,000 people on this email list, do you really thinking everyone is going to look through to find yours and delete it just so they can continue an argument without bothering you. Don't reply all if you want everyone else to stopped hitting reply all. There are also a few people who felt the need to throw out a zinger. Like this one, "I did not know the global warming causes email floods too." Boo yah. The piece du resistance though is this picture, sent to the entire company, from Mr. Bernardo Rios in the Houston, TX office:


JW said...

Wow, and I thought it was crazy when this debate was going through my poker group e-mails.

Rachel said...

What's global warming?
That would be my reply to the entire mess.
I know what it is but playing dumb would just be lots of fun.

Mike said...

People who deny things like global warming and evolution just pissed me off and I'll stop there because there is no need for that argument to leave your company's email list... but that picture is cracking me up.

jessy said...

that is the gayest picture i've ever seen... and again... i work in a theatre.

Los said...

I love when somebody accidentally hits reply all to an e-mail response he/she didn't want everyone to see. High comedy.

Paige Jennifer said...

Okay, the zinger was worth it all.