Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brotherly Hate

I learned another pretty important life lesson this weekend, which I'll get to later, but for now I'm switching things up on the blog a little bit to complain about something. I know, I know. The reason you all come here is to read about all my positivity but please, indulge me this one time. It will just be a short rant then I can get back to puppies and rainbows.

I hate Philadelphia. I always have. My hatred is pretty irrational and based on almost nothing, but when have emotions ever been based on rational anyway? If I hate something based on sports teams, a bunch of douche bags I've met*, and the fact that certain portions of the city seem to reek of urine constantly that's just how I roll. Needless to say I was less then enthused to find out I had to head up there this week. So imagine how out felt when returning to my car to leave the city I dislike so much to find a giant dent in the drivers side door that did not exist upon my arrival in Philly. Actually you don't have to imagine because I'll tell you. I was fucking homicidal. Mere hatred has shifted to utter loathing and abhorrence. I know what you're thinking, "but Eric it's just a dent, and that could happen in any parking garage in any city in America." You're right and if it happened anywhere else I would just think, that unfortunate, I guess I have to get the fixed. But it happend in Philadamndelphia so instead of being calm I wanted to burn the whole city down. I told it was irrational.

*Some very good friends of my are also from Philly and the surrounding area but I don't let that fact cloud my decision to hate the city.


Anthony said...

I bet it was Pat Burrell....I think that happens to all people with out of state plates in Philly. People there are very territorial. Don't take it personally

Eric said...

Anthony - When I saw it my first thought was that it was probably Pat Burrell. That just seems like something he would do. But then I remembered that he's in Florida for spring training. Who was that Phillies pitcher who kicked in the windshield of a cop car like tens ago? Maybe he's the culprit.

Anthony said...

Fernando Valenzuela?

Also, Burrell is not only in Florida.....he is everywhere

Los said...

I think some of the most vocal Philadelphia sports fans can be absolute jerks ... mostly the ones that have season tickets to Eagles game. That said, there are plenty of Philly sports fans (me, being one of them) who are cool.

I think most cities in the US have certain areas that smell like urine.

Eric said...

Los - I hear you on that one, I'm a Yankees fans, I'm often embarassed by other Yankees fans. And there aren't many places in Baltimore that smell like urine. More like dead fish.