Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Brief Complaint

I saw something this weekend that sort of bothered me a little. Everywhere I went I saw people dressed in green out at the bars celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Now let’s forget that this is the national holiday of Ireland and a feast day and a holy day of obligation for Catholics there or anything of that nature. We all know that most holidays have become bastardized versions of themselves and I obviously am ok with that as much as everyone else. But do you ever see any fireworks displays in June or go trick or treating in the middle of October? No, so why is it ok to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day almost 2 weeks before the actual date? I say it’s not and I’m calling bullshit on anyone who did. People just wanted to get hammered in the afternoon and used the celebration of a holiday as an excuse to not feel like so much of a drunk. Which I think is actually insulting to the Irish. Don’t make excuses for you lifestyle; because we all know the Irish don’t need to invent a reason to drink, they just do it.


Los said...


Skywalker said...

Yes liquour is the big attraction. Alexandria has a parade 10 days prior to SP day.

greensox said...

1st-That is a piture of me in the Express taken LAST St. Patrick's Day, ON 3/17/08.
2nd-I think most of the world celebrates Christmas starting in November, and my years in Catholic school taught me that Christmas was only on Dec. 25.
take it easy and drink a beer.

Eric said...
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Eric said...

Los - well said

Skywalker - What won't liquor attract people to?

greensox - I don't like that Christmas is now a month long celebration either, that's another subject though. But you also sort of prove my point, I fully approve of your celebration on St. Patrick's Day, I'll be enjoying quite a few beers myself on Tuesday

Little Apple said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day on the actual St. Patrick's Day. Drink it up and tell Morgan to kiss your Blarney Stone. hahahah