Monday, October 08, 2007

Trivia Time!

This is a picture of my leg:

That is seriously the worst scrape I've ever had. I couldn't sleep at all on Saturday because it was ozzing puss everywhere and sticking to the bed. I kept making that teeth sucking noise like Peter Griffin after he banged his knee. So it begs the following question, eshewing comments about how pale and skinny my legs are, how did I hurt my leg?

Your title
How did I injure my leg?
I got a little overzealous doing tricks on my hog and crashed
I slid into a manhole on the street just to prove I was a badass who doesn
Someone disrespected my lady, the scrape was an unfortunate side effect to the beating I gave him defending her honor
I fell down playing touch football


mike said...

Man, are your legs pale and skinny.

mike said...

Also, I voted other, but I will refrain from making my joke. Not because it's infantile, but because it's too easy.

Los said...

Yeah, that looks pretty nasty ... like somebody spilled a plate-full of spaghetti on ya or something.

Eric said...

Mike - I put that in there just for you.

Los - It kind of felt like that when I was dumping peroxide on it later that day.