Monday, October 29, 2007

I would like to congratulate the New York Yankees, 2008 American League Champions

The New York Yankees officially sealed up the American League Championship today. The World Series isn’t a lock yet, but let’s face it, they will be playing a National League team so it kind of is. The curse has been lifted. And no I’m not talking about Alex Rodriguez opting out of his contract. It a widely held thought that they could not win with him at third base. Even though he’s a selfish dick, I’m not sure I agree with that, he’s a selfish dick who happens to be able to destroy baseballs; regardless he is not the cursed soul that has been plaguing the Yankees as of late. Today the Yankees announced that they have offered a contract to Joe Girardi to manage the ball club. Along with that announcement it was stated that Don Mattingly, current bench coach and also a candidate to manage the team, will not be returning to the coaching staff. Thus the curse is lifted.

The Yankees lost the 1981 World Series to the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 games to 2. In 1982 Don Mattingly was called up to play first base. He went on to a stellar (all be it injury shortened) 14 year career. Coincidentally the Yankees went on a 14 year World Series and pennant drought. Despite the lack of winning Mattingly was and is one of the most beloved players (and my personal favorite player) ever to put on the pinstripes. And yet I’ve never been happier to see him take them off. The year after his retirement in 1995 the Yankees took down the Atlanta Braves to win their first series in 18 years. This started a run that everyone knows about. 6 World Series in 8 years, their last one being a losing effort to Marlins in 2003. Before the 2004 season Mattingly was hired as the Yankees hitting coach. The team has only eclipsed the first round of the playoffs once in the preceding 4 years. Obviously Don Mattingly is cursed, when you combine his aura with ARod’s you have a recipe for disaster. Or at least a recipe for losing wild card series to the Tigers.

A few hours ago I was unsure of the prospects for success in 2008. Alex Rodriguez opting out is a possible snowball that could mean losing the likes of Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada. Now I’m not worried at all, it’s a lock, the black Mattingly cloud has been lifted and soon the sun will be shining down on a last run in Yankee Stadium.


inowpronounceyou said...

Oh this is just friggin' BRILLIANT! How did I never see it?

Well played Sir. Very well played.

mike said...

Wow. Grasping at straws aren't we? Eh, whatever helps you sleep at night. Welcome to the late 80's Part 2.

Los said...

I have concerns about whether Girardi is a good fit with veteran divas on the Yankees ... it might be a rude awakening for the guy and the team.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You may as well have written this post in Swahili. I'm hoping that your girlfriend is a sports fan type person too.

Baha said...

ummm...and the o's are going to win the wild card, right?

David said...

Actually, the veteran diva opted out of his contract. no more problem.
What do you think of Melky Cabrera and Ian Kennedy for Miguel Cabrera, coupled with the signing of Torii Hunter? (I'm personally NOT a big fan of Torii Hunter)