Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Last weekend was homecoming for the Alma mater. I'm always a fan of that weekend, mostly because you get to see a bunch of old friends and pretend like you're in college again. And since college is awesome, that's awesome. I won't bore you with a lot of details, mostly the weekend was spent watching Hotmetal get really drunk and do really stupid stuff with few head exploding conversations mixed in there. Here's a snippet of conversation from lunch Saturday afternoon that I think sums the whole thing up nicely (I'm paraphrasing because my memory is a little foggy, can't imagine why):

Hotmetal: I haven't talked to Biff in a while, I'll have to catch up with that guy sometime.
Val: You were hanging out with him all night last night.
Hotmetal: Oh. I'll have to catch up with him again sometime.


Anthony said...
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Anthony said...

That is an accurate depiction of the conversation. However,hotmetal is now hOOtmetal. I'm still working on your helmet though....I'll met you know when it is ready.

Los said...

Speaking of which - I'm going up to the PSU vs. OSU football game on Saturday night ... unfortunately, I have no place to stay ...

Paige Jennifer said...

That conversation plays out perfectly with a monotone delivery and the last comment being followed by a long sip of orange juice.

End scene.

I went to a women's college. Home coming? Yeah. Never going to happen.

The Ex said...

Homecoming is just so...well, I just love it. Let's leave it at that.

Eric said...

Tony - I'll be looking forward to it, but don't take to long, it could be only a matter of weeks before I'm cooked

Los - That's the best part about college, I'm certain you could find someones dorm room to crash in

Paige - That is pretty much how the conversation played out, also homecoming at a womans college sounds pretty hot.

The Ex - ditto.