Monday, October 23, 2006

Stone Age

I lost my cell phone this weekend. I feel naked. I know it was only a short time ago when I knew how to get by without one but it feels like eons. I got my first cell the summer before my junior year of college and in the following six years the ability to communicate with people without one has been erased from my memory. I haven't had a house phone in a few years. It's gotten to the point where I now get sort of confused by my office phone. And I haven't memorize a phone number in years thanks to that handy phonebook in your cell phone that does it for you. I'm pretty sure the brain cells that used to perform this function are either dead or used up with Anchorman and Wedding Crashers quotes, so at least I put them to good use. I have no idea how to get in touch with my parents. The ability to use new fangled technology like email seems to have eluded them thus far so who knows if I'll ever talk to them again. There is a Sprint store on the ground floor of my office building so I'll probably get a new phone in the next day or two, but I kind of want to see how long I can go without one. You know, rough it for a while. I wonder how many people would think I died or hate them because I haven't talked to them in so long.


Los said...

I don't think you wanna put yourself through that torment, though.

You don't know any of your friends' numbers? It's gonna take a while to get those back.

JW said...

Well, most of the numbers you can get back if you look at your cellphone bill. They list all the numbers that you frequently call (that's what I had to do when mine crapped out a few years back).

I got made fun of at Nick's family's house. He ran to the store to get something, and they wanted me to call him and remind him to pick something else up. I grabbed the house phone and looked at them to give me the number. Apparently, I'm supposed to know my boyfriend's phone number, whatever.

Mike said...

On parents and email... My mom knows how to use it but only checks it about twice a week and even then if there is an attachment or link she almost never opens it.

Eric said...

Los-I'm not at all looking forward to the process, people might not be hearing from me for a while

JW-Those people don't know what they're talking about, why would you waste time memorizing phone numbers when you can just bring your phone with you everywhere

Mike-I check my email like twice an hour, I start getting antsy if I don't

Brian said...

i doubt anyone will worry in just a few days. how often do you call to talk to your friends on a monday evening anyways?

also, not sure if it ever occured to you, but i use our work landline to make all types of long distance calls. aka call your parents during work one day just to say hi. its a win-win-win. you dont pay for the call (win), your parents will be happy (win), and you look busy at work (win). even if someone at work realizes what you are doing nobody can get mad at you for talking to your parents.

Eric said...

Excellent point, and lets face it a win-win-win is pretty much an ideal situation