Friday, October 06, 2006

Sometimes I'm Glad I'm Not On TV...

…because if I were then every time I said something dumb it would be broadcast nationwide, and that would not be cool. Here’s a quote from Brad last night on Survivor:

“In situations like these I just like to go with my gut. 95% of the
time my gut is always right.”

Really? 95% of the time it’s always right? That doesn’t make any sense Brad. Now I’ll admit that’s only mildly retarded. On scale of 1 to 10 that was only kind of dumb. See I just said something stupid but at least 15 million people didn’t hear it.

Speaking of dumb, The Bachelor premiered this week. Without further ado, Erica:

“I flew coach to get here. I’ve never done the before so you should
be really flattered.”

When trying to win a television contest for a husband is spoiled and pampered really the first impression you want to make. Granted she lists her job as “socialite” so you can’t really expect much from her. That and she went on TV to find a husband.

Then there’s the king of saying dumb things on TV, our fine president W. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer (who kind of sucks but has a kick ass name) he said that the war in Iraq would be seen as “just a comma” in the history picks. I’m not super political so I won’t get to into this whole issue but do you really want to come of so callous about something were thousands of people have died. It doesn’t matter the intent of the comment, even if it was misinterpreted you set yourself up to be misinterpreted by saying dumbass things, so watch what you’re saying. I mean, doesn’t this guy have speech writers for this kind of thing? Who ever had the idea to let him ad-lib probably needs to be let go (although he’s said it in multiple speeches, implying that someone actually wrote that down for him to say, which makes me sad).

By the way, Brad followed up his earlier quote by saying, “it’s made with real bits of panther, so you know its good.”


JW said...

George Bush Jr is the reason why parents will continue to tell kids "you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up." Which is just not true if you're poor.

Mike said...

I'm fired up about that war comment. Republicans and conservatives always say liberals and democrats aren't supporting the troops with anti-war retoric, but how is referring to the war as a comma in history being supportive? I don't understand.

Sorry for bringing up politics, but I can't stand that guy.

Steph said...

I would be hopless as a celebrity. I'd be the lead story on in all the tabloids with my fucktard-like shenanigans.

mollymcmommy said...

i LOVE survivor and just wanted to say i would be an awesome celebrity, just amazing. really, how hard could it be? i wouldn't mind my ass splashed on the tabloids while i had my millions to roll in.

not a bad life.

i have to agree though the comma comment re the war was just plain pathetic.


iceguy said...

Isn't it a litte Amero-centric to assume that a conflict that has killed 2500 Americans will end up being a major topic of history? There were over 2.5 million people killed in the Korean War. How much time do we spend on that when we teach history?

It's wrong of him to acknowledge that history will be cavalier about this war. But I don't think he's wrong.

Eric said...

Iceguy - Well the I'm fairly certain that the Korean War is taught in history classes in Korea, and the Iraq war definitely will be taught in history classes in Iraq and that's why it's insensitive thing to say. It really doesn't matter number of casualties but the fact that there are any casualties means the president should treat it with a little more respect.

Los said...

Just wonderin' - what the hell are you doin' watching the Bachelor?

Eric said...

Los-I live with girl, thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.