Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Just a few thoughts I've had recently:

-Headline writers have to be absolutely elated with Mike Vick's indictment. I mean imagine the pun possibilities. Their heads are on the verge of exploding just thinking about it. has already changed their headline three times today. All dog/dog fighting related puns. I’m totally giddy in anticipation of how hilarious this trial will be. (Also, who fights dogs? What a dick.)

-Please click on this link and read the lyrics to T-Pain’s Buy U A Drank. Seriously how is this song a hit? These might be the worst lyrics ever written. “We In The Bed Like Ooh Ooh Oh, Ooh Ooh.” Those are the words to a song. For real. You know it’s awful when you can legitimately say that Yung Joc blew T-Pain out of the water with his verse. How do you even get a record contract with this incredible lack of talent? Oh wait, I remember, T-Pain is the genius behind the classic hit “In Love Wit’ a Stripper.”

-I bet a friend on Saturday that the Yankees would make the playoffs. They are 3-0 since the bet and I remain confident in this bet, obviously my confidence has brought them confidence. Before and during the all-star break there was a lot of talk about what percentage baseball the Yankees would have to play to catch the Sox and how it was nearly impossible. Well as the season stands today, if the Red Sox were to win 95 games they need to win games at a .550 clip (the equivalent of an 89 win season). The Yankees would have to win a little under 68% (a 109 win season) of their games to keep up with that pace. While that would be an amazing pace to keep for an entire season (which the Yankees have done by the way) I don’t think it’s even remotely out of the realm of possibility for them to do it over the second half. And it would not be much of a drop off at all for the Red Sox to play .550. Oh and when they go 18-5 in their next 23 games (all against 5 of the worst 7 teams in the AL) then they only need to play .625 the rest of the year to reach 95 wins. It’s going to happen.

-Is the Who’s Now? competition on ESPN not the worst idea ever? I call it a competition for lack of a better word. I guess what it really is a way for ESPN to kill 10 minutes on Sportscenter so they aren’t forced to show WNBA highlights. How doesn’t hate this idea though? Who’s more now Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Chuck Liddell? Kobe Bryant of Ronaldinho? Tony Parker or Roger Federer? Who gives a shit? What does Now even mean? Even writers on ESPN are making fun of this. I bet the people who green lighted this idea are already fired. Everyone thinks it is dumb and yet they are forced to run it for another month because it would look worse to abandon it midway.


mike said...

Who's Now has Stu Scott's fingerprints all over it and if you ask me he wore out his welcome a few years ago. Also, ESPN does stuff like that every other week anyway on Page 2.

It's really just an attempt to keep non-baseball fans watching Sports Center in the middle of the summer. A really poor attempt

Eric said...

Boo Ya

brian d. said...

As much I love Kevin James, why the hell do they need a panel to decide who's more now? That phrase doesn't even make sense, and Mike you are definitely right who thought of that line. The seeding of the athletes is also hilarious. They actually had to sit around a table and discuss each seed?

By the way, T-Pain has another "gem" on the radio right now called Bartender. I think these lyrics are by far his worse. I can't believe this guy has a record!