Friday, July 13, 2007

That's What She Said

Many years ago, long before Michael Scott of The Office brought it to such prominence in the lexicon of young people everywhere, my friend Mike (who I just realized as I’m typing this has the middle name Scott, making him Michael Scott, that’s pretty kick ass) and I decided that “that’s what she said” is just about the funniest joke ever. It juvenile, it doesn’t require a tremendous amount of wit, it is rarely appropriate and it makes me laugh almost every time. Now that the joke is approaching it’s apex in popularity, and nearly everyone I know is a huge fan of The Office, my friends have it down to a veritable art form. A conversation seldom goes more than a few minutes before someone making even the most vague innuendo is punctuated with a “that’s what she said.”

Today I decided that I needed a weekly feature for my blog. Everyone loves a good feature; it’s something to look forward to. Also it allows me to mail it in once a week. It is in this vein that I am creating That’s What She Said Friday. Each week I will present to you, the reader, the very best “that’s what she said” my friends have produced that week. Since I just thought of this and haven’t been mentally cataloging jokes for the week I’m going to dig into the “that’s what she said” archives to tell you about my favorite of all time. Here it is:

I’ll preface this one by saying Leslie doesn’t particularly enjoy “that’s what she said” as much as everyone else I know. I think it kind of annoys her how often I say it, which is what makes this one so great. She had come over to my house to pick me up to go out to eat. She parallel parked a little to close to the curb and I couldn’t open the door far enough to get in the car. The following exchange occurred:

Me: (cracking the car door) Um, I think you’re going to have to pull out.
Leslie: (faintly as I’m closing the door) That’s what she said.

There you have it, that’s the kind of magic you can be expecting on a weekly basis from now on. You’re welcome.


Los said...

I'm a big fan of the "That's What She Said" line! I've gotten it to a point, where I don't even say it anymore, I just hum it....

mike said...

I just made it my main purpose in life to make it on this feature.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

I have heard good things about "The Office" but I've yet to see it. Apparently I'm missing a great deal.

Amanda said...

Just another reason to look forward to Friday!

Eric said...

Los - thats pretty awesome, in my head the hum sounds little like those old by mennen commercials.

mike - I have a feeling you'll achieve that goal at some point

diva - you are, trust me on this one. have I ever steered you wrong.

amanda - as if there weren't enough already

David said...

Tell Leslie I laughed my ass off.