Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Random things

-Bird Update: This morning I heard that bird again but the virile mating call that drove me insane a few days ago was replaced by a languid, feeble little song. What’s wrong bird, a little cold out for you? Maybe you’re regretting making the trip back north so prematurely? I told you that you would rue the day you woke me up so early. Current score: Bird 1, Winter (and as a result me) 1. And it’s snowing right now, I like my chances.

-Yesterday my cubicle neighbor received a phone call to confirm an upcoming dentist appointment. As a way to playful show her disdain for dentist she said, “All right I’ll I guess I’ll come and let you poke me in my mouth.” Later that day I was participating in a conference call/online seminar (or Webinar) on Girder Haunch Thickness. It was fascinating, and by fascinating I mean it was painfully boring and I was mainly trolling around the internet instead of listening. Although I was paying enough attention to hear the instructor say “creep and shrinkage are major issues here.” Both times there was no one around to here me say “that’s what she said.” What a tragedy.

-I joined a gym recently after a two year hiatus from working out. I was pretty excited to get back in shape, but I was even more excited about the blog potential. I thought it would be bursting with hilarious weightlifting mishaps and annoying meathead behavior to write about. I was wrong, it’s so weird, but I go in there and everyone is just minding there own business, working out. It might be the most respectful gym ever. I think I’m going to have to join a new one.

-This morning on my walk to work I saw a truck salting the roads. It was a three lane road with cars parked in the right and left lane. Not an ounce of salt dropped in the middle lane but he was absolutely pelting all the parked cars. Good job guys, keep up the great work.


Anthony said...

Maybe the bird just got some in the past few days and doesn't need the mating call any longer. Give the bird some credit.

Tara said...

"You mean there was...shrinkage?"
"Yes! Significant shrinkage!!"

I can't read or hear the word "shrinkage" without thinking of "Seinfeld".

I've had many "fascinating" meetings where I have resorted to drifting away mentally or doodling on my notepad.

Mike said...

I find myself saying TWSS even if I'm the only one around to hear it. At least it still cracks me up.

Los said...

I LIVE for those "that's what she said," moments ... much like Michael Scott.

Amy said...

My gym provides a pretty consistent source of blog material. More than a few of the members are "unique individuals". Just yesterday, a guy came in to the gym with a real live wild owl. I kid you not!