Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I got a phone call from Leslie during the State of the Union last night. I was watching it with the sound down most of the time and was hoping someone can answers a few questions for me.

Soooo, how are we doing in Iraq? And what's up with Iran and Syria?

Did he mention the troop surge?

How come only half the crowd was standing up during a lot of those ovations?

Why did Nancy Pelosi look so scary/intense?

What is the point of actually attending the speech if you are just going to be reading along with the President? I seriously thought Ted Kennedy was asleep.

Did I hear something about taxing medical benefits? That can't be right.

What the hell was Dikembe Mutumbo doing there?

And did they purposely sit a 7'-0" african dude next to the smallest asian women possible just for comedies sake? If so kudos.

Is God continuing to bless America or what?

PLEASE tell me someone else saw W "accidently" graze Nancy Pelosi's boob after he finished his speech.

Why did so many people want W's autograph at after it was over? Did he totally nail it or what?

Were the President and Jesse Jackson Jr. joking or around or am I the only one who thought it looked like they were about to throw down?

What's the deal with Jim Webb's voice? He's frightening.


Mike said...

About 10 minutes in I realized that Pelosi was blinking at least ten times as frequently as everyone else. After I noticed that I really only paid attention to how much people were blinking. Amazingly, Bush and Cheney blinked almost simultaneously. They also took sips of water at the same time. It's almost like Cheney was controlling W's actions.

There really wasn't anything new in the speach and most of his new plans won't get past the Dem-controlled Congress, so don't worry you didn't miss much.

Anonymous said...

Dont blame girls for your inability to multi-task. Well that and overall lack of support for the Bush administration. Booyah.

Rachel said...

Ok, I will answer the best that I can:
We suck in Iran - no change there. Iran was something about nuclear weapons and Hezbollah. Not sure what Syria was about.
He did mention the troop surge ~ almost pleadingly asking for support.
Only half the crowd stood up because they were Republicans. Usually whatever party the President comes from ovates (is that a word?) more.
Nancy looked bored as hell. She licked her lips a LOT.
Bloody George was proposing a tax break for people who purchase medical insurance. Basically if you purchase insurance through your employer you won't be taxed on up to 15k of your income. If you buy it elsewhere you get a different tax break.
Dikembe Mutumbo was there to show how beneficial some immigrants are to the country.
At first I thought that the african dude was standing on his chair. You could see his knees about the railing.
Bush didn't say God Bless America. He just said Bless America ~ like we sneezed in unison or something.
I didn't see the Pelosi graze. Sorry.
People get W's autograph to go on the SOTU programs for keepsakes or to give to family members.
I didn't see Jesse Jackson Jr. so I have no idea.
Who is Jim Webb?

Steph said...

I watched a bit of that on the news. What a lot of pomp and pageantry.

Los said...

I hate these Presidential Addresses, because (A) nothing newe is really discussed, and (B) the ridiculous clapping and applause every 30 seconds is nauseating.

Jason B said...

I read your title too fast and thought you were posting about the Scum of the Earth. Damn U.

jennifer said...

pelosi's blinking was out of control! i feel as though someone of her stature should have access to a political image consultant who could advise her to keep her eyelids in check.