Thursday, August 24, 2006

No More Pizza

My whole world is in a tailspin today. Or do I even have a world? I'm not sure. I feel like everything I thought I used to know has been turned upside down. Up is down, left is right. What could be the cause of such inner turmoil and chaos you ask? Pluto is no longer a planet? One of the first things you learn in science class in elementary school is that there are nine planets. My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas. You couldn't even read or pronounce the word mnemonic but you some mnemonic device to remember all the planets. Well moms not serving pizza ever again and frankly this upsets me. How can you just have a vote and decided to change something like that? Oh plutos is large enough to pull itself into a round object but not large enough to be called a planet. Whatever astronomer, I hope happy for ruining my childhood. Whats next, are you going to cancel Christmas?

Here's the consolation for poor old Pluto, it gets to be put into a new catergory called dwarf planets. That just seems insulting. You're a midget, you can't be a planet. Don't astronomers have better things to worry about? How about instead of having week long conferences about whether Pluto is a planet you make sure nothing crashes into Earth and wipes us out like the dinosaurs. That seems like a much better use of your time, and I'm sure most people would be very appreciative of those efforts.

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JW said...

Kinda like when you were young you were also under the impression that Christopher Columbus was a good guy, then you find out the REAL truth.

However, Pluto is a much much bigger disappointment

Eric said...

Except that whether Columbus was a dick or not he still did what he did, so I'm unaffected by him being a d-bag.

Mike said...

so are dwarf planets planets too. Dwarf people are still people. Maybe mom can just make a small pizza or something.

Eric said...

Thats a great point, way to look on the bright side. You always know the right thing to say.