Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Name

I changed the title of my blog. There is no real driving reason behind it. I just didn't like the name anymore. I'm very fickle, it's a personality flaw of mine, I change my mind a lot. I still hate a lot of things, and I still enjoy talking about why I hate those things, but I didn't like the name anymore.

You're probably wondering why I chose the new name, what is the meaning of this title (actually I'm certain no one is wondering this but I think I need a second paragraph.) Well I mentioned to Mike that I wanted to change the title and asked if he had any suggestions. In usual Mike fashion he had plenty of suggestions. They all kind of sucked, which is also in usual Mike fashion. To the point were I said, "Can you just stop thinking of names, I'll think of something." That's when the lightbulb lit over my head. That's gold. It has absolutely no meaning, although I'm certain I could make up some sort of metaphor and maybe I will in the future. I just think it's kind of cool name. It sounds like something a blog should be named so I'm going with it.

Have no fear though, I may have changed the title, but with the help of Justin Timberlake, I'm still bringing sexy back.


Mike said...

I still like my ideas of "Blogging... and Shit" and "I Hate You Hotmetal"

Anyway... go f yourself.

Brian said...

mikes first idea is good since the first 3 weeks i knew you every sentence ended with "...and shit"

ps i am not changing the title in the link to your blog from mine.