Thursday, July 27, 2006

The zoo

On Sunday we got up and went to the San Diego Zoo. It was definitely very nice. The exhibits were big, which made me feel good for the animals. Except for the black jaguar, his enclosure was kind of small, and he was badass so he needed something bigger. One cool thing was that a lot of the exhibits with water you could see under the water. And since it was so hot and most of the animals were in water if the could be you could see what's going on. There were some hippos humping underwater while fish ate algea off of their backs. It was gross. Also it felt like you were walking through the jungle half the time, I enjoyed that.

Did you know there were at least 8 different kinds of gazelle? That was shocking.

On the plaques outside each animal enclosure they listed some facts about it. What continent they are from, habitat, that sort of thing. They also listed the status of the animal. Be it threatened, endangered, or whatever. There was only one animal that wasn't at least threatened and that was the African Dik Dik. Which led to Hotmetal saying this, "well it's good to know there will always be diks around."

On the way out of the zoo we stopped at the gift shop because Hotmetal needed to buy something for his mothers birthday. We were looking around and I saw this glass martini shaker. I picked it up to see how much something like that cost. I found out that it was $50 while sifting through the shards of broken glass on the floor. I was pretty pissed, I couldn't believe i was going to have to waste $50 on some stained glass piece of crap that I wouldn't even get to keep because I have hands like feet. Showing contrition I helped the girl in the store pick up the glass then milled around until I had to go pay. Then she told me that it's not there policy for costumers to pay for damages. She told she just hope I learned my lesson. You have know idea how badly I wanted to say no and pick something else up and smash it on the ground. It was hard for me to pretend to be sorry anymore after I found out I wasn't on the hook for $50.


Mike said...

If you had broken something else they probably would have just put you in the dik exhibit... where you would have belonged.

Eric said...

That would've been fun, those diks were cute

Brian said...

why dont you either change the name of your blog to "really long stories about san diego"

Brian said...

did you see any african dik dik dik?

if you would have spiked another item from the store it would have been awesome!

iceguy said...

Did the hippos have large talons?

JW said...

That guy loves the dik