Wednesday, July 26, 2006

San Diego part 2

Saturday night we went to dinner then a concert (we being Pat, Hotmetal, Pat's "girlfriend", a friend of hers and myself). They wanted to go to some Mexican restuarant. Apparently it's very popular because when we got there the hostess informed us that it would be an hour and a half wait for a table. Which prompted Hotmetal to say, "I bet George Washington would have something different to say about that." That's sort of a lame joke and I sure shes heard it a million times but whats funny about it is that she shot Hotmetal probably the dirtiest look I've ever seen someone give another person. Needless to say we ate somewhere else.

After dinner we went to a concert featuring a couple of ska bands. Apparently the headliner, Buck O Nine, was Pat's favorite band in high school. I don't get ska music, in fact I don't think anyone outside of southern California does. It seems to my like you take a fairly catchy melody, add in a crappy singer to mess it up, then ruin it some more with a horn section. The most annoying thing is that the horn section thought they were awesome, total rockstars. It's like, guy, there is some dude playing guitar right next to you on stage, you cannot think you're cool, because you're not. So we're all hanging out in the crowd, having a few drinks enjoying the music, because even if I think ska is sort of cheesy I still enjoy live music. Then a mosh pit breaks out. This bothered me on for two reasons. One, moshing is so stupid, who ever thought, I really love this band and I'm going to show my appreciation by jumping into other people. Two, it's SKA, not rock or metal, ska, it's one step above reggae on the mellowness scale. You just can't think you're hardcore listening to a band with a trombone player.

It turned out that we were right on the perimeter of the mosh pit and getting jostled a little bit. Being chivalrous me and Hotmetal had to step in front of the girls so they stopped getting banged around. So I decided to have some fun with it. Any time someone in the pit came near me I nonchalantly shoved them as hard as I could and then they would look around all confused because they didn't know where it came from. This turned into a game where they would pick someone and I would work my way into the pit jump around like an idiot then push that person really hard then get out as quickly as possible.

The losers is the pit started get a little fired up after a while. Which was great. People would get in each others face like they were about to start fighting but it never escalated to that. Instead the would start dancing again, but they would still being giving each other stare downs. So it manifested into this quasi moss pit ska dance off thing. I loved this, who decides, I'm pissed at this guy, I want to fight him, but instead I'll out dance him. Awesome.

At the end of the night we're outside waiting for a cab and we pulled the same move on Hotmetal that was done to Jake in Ocean City a couple weeks before. We got in the cab and left without him without realizing. The difference being all Jake had to do was wait for a bus to take him the 100 or so blocks, or catch another cab that would've been maybe $10, or worst case scenario walk home, which would've been about 45 minutes. We on the other hand were in Del Mar, a whole other city. The cab back was $65. Luckily I think Hotmetal managed to get a ride home because he ran into some marine buddies that were there. So it all worked out in the end

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JW said...

you're a dangerous guy to party with Eric, people get left behind, get their shoes stolen by homeless people, take the metro to the end of the line in the wrong direction......the wonders and misfortunes never cease