Friday, July 28, 2006

I work with children

Someone stole my hardhat. Are you kidding me? I mean it doesn't affect me at all really, I've been in the field a grand total of three times in the year + I've worked here, but it's the principle of the thing. Who waltz's in to someone's cubicle like they own the place and takes my stuff. Heads are going to roll around here, I mean it, I'm pissed. Did I mention my scissors and tape dispenser were taken a few weeks ago. Who are these people and do they know who they're messing with? Apparently not.


JW said...

Yeah, I hear you. I had an officemate steal my lined supersticky post it notes, and then this same guy broke my nice non ghetto stapler, and replaced the broken stapler on my desk after I left for the day, however, I had forgotten something, so upon my return he was caught red handed. That's cool though, now I just interrupt him as often as possible asking if I can staple things. He's lucky it wasn't a red swingline.

Brian said...

i am wearing your hard-hat right now. i taped it to my head with your tape. its not a problem, however, as i have a new pair of scissors that i can use to remove it.

come to think of it, there is tons of fallen out hair in this hard hat.

Mike said...

umm... in the interest of full disclosure, I broke your non-ghetto stapler. It jammed when it attempted to push out two staples at once and when I tried to fix it I broke the upper part of it. Pretty funny that you thought it was someone else and I did it weeks ago. BTW, I wasn't hiding it from you, it happened while you were away on vacation and I forgot about it.

I can't claim responsibility for the post-it notes though.