Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 1...

Well, I learned what I was doing up here and it's even more boring than I could have imagined. I'm here to inspect all of the retaining walls on the northeast connector of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I know it sounds awesome, but trust me, it's not.

I learned something else also. The Days Inn in Horsham, PA is a terrible, terrible place. You know your hotel stay is off to a bad start you go into your room and neither of the beds are made and all the towels are used. You might think that would make you feel at home. It doesn't. It's gross. Their continental breakfast better be amazing to make up for this.

The creepy guy isn't even doing anything interesting. He just chain smokes. And tells the same stories over and over again everytime he meets someone new. Even though the people he just told the story to are still standing there. And his eyes flutter when he talks. It's weird. I think he's trying to seduce me. Only his method of seduction is the one Bugs Bunny used on Elmer Fudd when he would cross dress in Loony Tunes cartoons.

So if you happen to be driving between Philadelphia and Scranton any time over the next two weeks and you see a two guys staring at a wall, one of whom appears to be hating his life, stop and say hello. Or run me over with your car. Your choice.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Are you sharing a room with the creepy guy? That would be worth quitting your job over.

There is nothing good about Days Inn anywhere unfortunately so I offer these words of possible encouragement - your blog is very funny and perhaps your wall inspections will save a life someday.

Does that help at all?

Eric said...

We do have separate rooms thankfully. I seriously was worried for a little bit about that though.

Eric said...

Also, thanks DC Blogs. Traffic is way up. Everyone, stay a while, enjoy yourself.

Paige Jennifer said...

Horsham's like NJ - there's really no benefit to it existing. I wonder if we can sell it to Canada?