Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What day is it again?

I morning I've been thinking that it's Tuesday. I was talking with Brian about my excitement for our softball league opening on Thursday, I said something about it being two days from now and he reminded me that it's tomorrow because today is in fact Wednesday. Is there a better feeling than that? All day you're thinking that you still have a long week ahead you, come to find out you're almost done. One day closer to the weekend. Also I'm only 14,042 days away from retirement instead of 14,043. That's only 2006 weeks! And since Wednesday already half way over I only 337,003 and a half minutes left in my career. It's ticking away so fast! Where does the time go? 20,220,480 seconds, 20,220,479 seconds, 20,220,478 seconds. Relaxation here I come. Life is good.


mm said...

It is Tuesday...Are you on crack?

Eric said...

When i read that comment I seriously had to google a calendar just to be certain, I'm all turned around.