Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brief Thoughts...

I have a few thoughts about the Presidents address to congress last night. Of course nothing involving policy, or the stimulus bill or anything like that. That's boring (not that this won't be).

  • Has anyone check the Guinness Book of World Records for the most standing ovations given in an hour because Nancy Pelosi clearly got an advanced copy of the speech and decided she was going to break that record.
  • Hurricane Katrina:Bobby Jindal::9/11:Bush/Giuliani
  • Speaking of Bobby Jindal. Content aside, that was a pretty weak response. Is it really wise to follow one of the most dynamic orators in decades with a guy who speaks as if he's giving a tour of Colonial Williamsburg to a group of 4th graders.
  • Also, between him and Micheal Steele could it be any more obvious that the Republican party is trying to darken up a little bit before the next election.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Light On the Horizon

There a lot of things that make me weep for the future of America. HBO recently aired the documentary "Right America: Feeling Wronged". Alexandra Pelosi followed the McCain campaign during the most recent election to gauge conservatives emotions as it progressed. It was astonishing. The level of ignorance was bad enough, including people who feared a turn to socialism under Obama who were under able to define or even spell socialism. Or the people who were certain that he was a terrorist. That alone was worrisome, but when you add in all the racism, misplaced anger and just overall insanity I can't help but be embarassed that these people have an equal voice as everyone else. I mean there were several people, on camera, seriously comparing Barack Obama to Hitler and the Antichrist. It was really amazing. I understand that they don't represent the majority of the Replubicans, they represent the crazy constituency. I also understand that this is a one-sided view and that it wouldn't be hard to find an hours worth of cuckoo bananas democrats who think Dick Cheney ordered 9/11 so he could start a war. They don't make me very happy either. The more I think about it the more I wonder if voting really should be a right. I'm thinking there should be some sort of aptitude test. That's probably a terrible idea, forget I said anything.

I'm also a little concerned about the person who stumbled upon my blog by searching for "floyd landis ready to be an american badass" in Google. That made me sad. Although I'm not sure what is more alarming, that someone is actually executing that search, or that my blog is the #2 result of that search on the entire internet. I don't like it either way.

It's not all bad though. Just when I think our future is too bleak to stand I come across something that brings me unending joy:

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

When someone comes across a broken down brick wall and thinks, "this would be the perfect place for the Kool-Aid man," I have hope for this country afterall.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Most Unlikely Sausage Fest Ever

You run into a lot of odd office scenarios working in the engineering field. It’s only natural, I work with a bunch of nerds and nerds are awkward. I’ve been with my company for almost 4 years now. I would estimate that I’ve been to the bathroom about 2000 times in those 4 years, and the same guy is in the bathroom no less than 80% of the time. At first I thought we were just on the same pee schedule, so I switched it up and he was still there almost every time. I decided to keep tabs on his bathroom use for a few days and realized he averaged going to the bathroom 18 times a day. How insane is that? You’re probably thinking it’s a bladder control issue or something similar. It’s not. He’s just one of those really crazy type of nerds who has weird, weird habits. In fact, that’s an entire post I’ll save for another day. There is another guy who has worn the same pair of pants for at least the last six months. One of my coworkers recently proposed to a Russian woman he met over the internet. He got a real Russian pride! My point is nerds are bizarre so bizarre things happen in my office. What happened today was certainly an original though.

A guy came by my desk shortly after lunch to invite me to a small gathering in the conference room. It was a baby shower for Yan who is about 100 months pregnant and going on maternity leave soon. Baby showers aren’t really my jam, but there was cake and what kind of asshole turns out free cake? So I went. Plus I love Yan, she’s the best. She is perhaps the biggest Asian stereotype I’ve ever encountered. She’s a Chinese woman in her late 20’s with Hello Kitty crap plastered all over her cubicle. I’m not joking. How could you not want to be around that as much as possible?

I walk down to the conference room to eat free cake celebrate the impending birth and when I get there I notice something kind of weird. There are about 25 people there and Yan is literally the only woman. What the f. When in recorded human history has there ever been a baby shower with a 24:1 male to female ratio?

I need a new job.