Monday, September 08, 2008


- I saw a homeless man reading the newspaper this morning. I thought it was nice that he was keeping up on current events, but I was really curious as to what he might be reading so I decided to ease in for a closer look (I'm like a ninja). He was reading the stock market report. I've said this before, I'm not really sure what irony is, but I think a homeless man check stock prices qualifies as ironic.

Although, maybe he wasn't a homeless man. Maybe he was just a really dirty broker. I shouldn't presuppose that someone is homeless simply because they're filthy and sitting on the sidewalk. They could just be a hippy.

- We have a new neighbor. My roommate met her first and this was his description: a hot, blond, australian girl who just graduated college. I know, sounds pretty awesome right? Well, I met her on Saturday night.

She's from Florida. That totally ruins it.

Moral of the story: My roommate can't tell the difference between a southern accent and an Australian accent. And he's an idiot.

- Yesterday I played Guitar Hero for the first time. I'm terrible at it. I feel like this makes me more and less cool at the same time.


Paige Jennifer said...

I think is has to do with DC homelessness. They're a curious breed. Only there have I offered leftovers to a homeless guy and been refused. Why? Because the Paradiso Pizza slices I had in the box had mushrooms, something my employed (and now ex) boyfriend was capable of picking off but the homeless guy was above.

Charming, no?

As for your room mate confusing Florida with Australia, it's a common mistake - if you eat GLUE.

Los said...

Wait until Guitar Hero World Tour comes out ... you'll be able to suck at the drums, too!

Emily said...

Thank you! I can't remember how I found your blog, but I did, somehow. And you think you're bad at Guitar Hero? You've never seen me play. Embarrassing........ And I am from the south. I sound nothing like an Aussie!

goreplz said...

ha ha this is actually really hilarious.
I saw the link to this in the Express mini newspaper.
Homeless people in DC are strange anyway, I was in Union Station and one threw a cup of ice at me.

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