Thursday, December 13, 2007

Right Now It's About 50/50

In a little while I have to go into a training session that will last until the end of the day tomorrow. It's going to be rather soul crushing. If you hear from me sometime this weekend or Monday it means I somehow found the will to not call it a life and jump out the conference room window 25 stories to my death. If you haven't, be concerned, it's a possibility. If so someone call my parents for me? Thanks.


Los said...

Ah, trainings. I am an instructional designer, so I design trainings ... mainly e-learnings. I know people absolutely HATE instructor-led trainings, especially the ones with lots of audience participation.

David said...

Oh that's going to be so much fun! Have you seen the commercial where they play buzz-word bingo? Maybe you should try something like that.